- Why choose polyurethane form liners? -

Pictured above is a comparison of an STS liner (white), an ABS liner (black), and one of our urethane liners (yellow).


Our polyurethane form liners are formulated to maximize both durability and elasticity. They are manufactured from the highest quality urethane rubber and are each capable of yielding 50-100 pulls. This durability combined with their modular design means that they can be reorganized into countless arrangements and re-purposed across multiple projects, using only a handful of form liners.

This translates into enormous cost savings that will assist you in out-bidding the competition and landing your next big job. This is just one of the many ways that CFL is helping you to Buy Smarter, Bid Smarter.

Did you know, our polyurethane form liners have been proven to be a more economical way of turning your plain walls into beautiful patterns with money already in your budget? Check out the table below and see just how much you can save!


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Founded in 1998, Creative Form Liners, Inc. (CFL) provides superior elastomeric/urethane rubber form liners to Departments of Transportation, engineering firms, architects, landscape architects, and concrete contractors across the country for their highway, bridge, and urban-environment projects.

CFL brings your decorative architectural concrete projects to life with exquisitely custom detailed designs or standard patterns such as Fracture Fin and Ashlar Stone.