27 Mar
2015 Arizona DOT Partnering Excellence Award

- 2015 Arizona DOT Partnering Excellence Award -

In the spring of 2015 Creative Form Liners in conjunction with Creative Design Resolutions, were recognized for there partnering excellence by the Associated General Contractors. Since 1993 and the National Partnership on Highway Quality also recognizes excellent partnerships bi-annually. ADOT partenering AwardIn 2005 the Partnering Advisory Committee formed a partnership to develop the Arizona Transportation Partnering Excellence Award criteria, materials and selection process. This committee is made up of Arizona stakeholder groups who use and encourage the use of Partnering. A creative and innovative “edge” is critical to business success. Collaborative teamwork that achieves measurable results through agreements and productive working relationships is more important today than ever before. Today, resources and time are precious. Successful partnerships conserve resources and allow for creative solutions. Any team recognized for this prestigious award will be assessed for their current practices and relationships. Partnering is defined as “a formal process of collaborative teamwork to achieve measurable results through agreements and productive working relationships”. A quality that Creative Design Resolutions has built on since it’s beginning. Recognized for our Tangible deliverables of a formal Partnering process may include a communications and roles matrix, a charter (mission, goals and guidelines), an issue resolution process and agreements, action plans, evaluation methods, meeting follow-up and reporting.