- Wright B. Flyer -

Wright B. Flyer

Wright B Flyer

  • Location.  Dayton, Ohio.
  • Form Liner Type.  Custom
  • Year of Completion.  2002
  • Project Impact. The I-70/I-75 interchange infrastructure project feature custom decorative concrete forms honoring the City of Dayton’s rich culture and contributions to aviation history. The completion of phase one of this project coincided with the one hundredth anniversary of the production of the Wright Brothers’ famous “Wright B Flyer.”
  • Features & Design Context.  In phase one, custom fiberglass form liners referenced the genesis of aviation by celebrating the Wright Brothers’ achievement, celebrated in the decorative concrete form of the Wright B Flyer.  For the second phase of the project, the design is inspired by the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base..
  • Techniques & Requirements.
    • These custom-designed decorative concrete forms are created using normal construction methods.
    • The form liners for this project and every project undergo very strenuous quality-control guidelines to guaranty the production of the highest-quality product on the market.
  • Stakeholders. City of Dayton, Ohio Department of Transportation
  • Testimonials.  The project feedback from local residents and travelers was overwhelmingly positive and appreciative of the aesthetic enhancements ... especially regarding the execution of the aesthetic theme selected by the public: “Dayton, Where Great Ideas Take Flight.”   These aesthetic enhancements create a feeling of pride and sense of place that Americans evidently seem to value and desire as part of their publicly funded transportation improvement projects.Rick Splawinski, P.E. Senior Project Manager (Nevada Department of Transportation)