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West End Atlanta

West End Atlanta Streetscape

  • Location.  Atlanta, Georgia.
  • Form Liner Type.  FŌTERA® full-color structural concrete
  • Year of Completion.  2013
  • Project Impact.  In this century, West End has endured many changes in its metamorphosis to an intown neighborhood while retaining its own distinctive character and vitality. This has been accomplished both by adaptation and participation in change and by its citizens' recognition of the district's special history. West End improve its streetscape to make it a more walkable community, becoming in one of the most transit-oriented neighborhoods Transit-oriented development in Atlanta.
  • Once completed, this project will affect one thousand running feet of sidewalk, showcasing imagery drawn from the history of the West End region of Atlanta.(23)
  • Features & Design Context. The project incorporates thirteen 4x8-foot full-color FŌTERA® structural terrazzo murals as well as approximately eighteen hundred square feet of pavers engraved with inspiring quotes and symbols evoking the neighborhood’s vibrant history.
  • Techniques & Requirements.
    • The FŌTERA® process allows colors to be combined to create a gentle gradation of color and hue, without using the traditional brass or zinc edging outlining the color fields.
    • The colors were specially formulated according to the artist’s specifications, therefore every color formula is unique.
    • The panels were ground to a smooth finish and sealed to withstand an outdoor environment.
  • Stakeholders. City of Atlanta, City of Atlanta Department of Parks, Recreation and Cultural Affairs, City of Atlanta Office of Public Affairs, Public Art Program
  • Consulting Engineering Firm. Stability Engineering
  • Testimonials. “CFL’s proposal demonstrated an  impressive ability to listen to everyone involved, facilitating a positive and effective conversation between stakeholders to find the common thread in everyone’s ideas. I highly recommend Mr. Weitzman for projects requiring master planning and collaboration with the community.” Eddie Granderson, Public Art Program Manager (City of Atlanta, Office of Cultural Affairs)