- I-5/French Camp Road Bridge -

  • Location. Stockton, California
  • Form Liner Type. Custom
  • Year of Completion. 2014
  • Project Impact. The project increases capacity and safety by improving large truck access and accommodating planned growth in traffic. It also improves bicycle and pedestrian access to the 300K residents of Stockton.
  • Features & Design Context. Drawing inspiration from the surrounding natural environment, we combined images of local flora and fauna with abstract designs that invoke the rugged topography of the San Joaquin Delta.
  • Requirements & Techniques.
    • The construction of the graceful river-inspired design spanning the 1:5:1 slope walls was achieved by a marriage of old-world craftsmanship and 21st century technology.
    • CFL handcrafted the pattern and form liners to the aesthetic-infrastructure designer’s exact specifications.
    • Every detail of the design was carefully modeled to articulate all shadows and reveals, while maintaining a specified maximum relief of two inches.
    • We fabricated custom form-liners using high quality elastomeric/urethane rubber with the ability to withstand over fifty uses.
    • Each form liner had to be held to a close dimensional tolerance to align with its matching panel.
    • CFL’s skilled craftsmen worked on-site with the contractor to realize this dramatic design that was formed by hand before being cast in concrete.
    • The form liners for this project underwent very strenuous quality-control guidelines to guarantee the production of the highest-quality product on the market.

Stakeholders. City of Stockton, Caltrans


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