- Spiro Mounds -

Spiro Mounds

Spiro Mounds Archaeological Center  

  • Location.  Spiro, Oklahoma.
  • Type.  FŌTERA™ Thin Cast, a full-color concrete and reinforced fiberglass cement
  • Year of Completion.  2010
  • Project Impact. The mounds site, located seven miles outside of Spiro, Oklahoma, is the only prehistoric, American Indian archaeological site in Oklahoma open to the public. The mounds are one of the most important American Indian sites in the nation.  The center offers interpretive exhibits, an introductory slide program and a small gift shop.
  • Features & Design Context. Visitors to the Spiro Mounds Archaeological Center, a prehistoric Native American archeological site of national importance, are greeted by this six-foot-diameter icon, created in FŌTERA® structural concrete terrazzo, depicting the “Raccoon Warrior.”  The installation reflects the history of the site, which is world renowned because of the incredible amount of art and artifacts dug from the Craig Mound, the site’s only burial mound.   The portrait is derived from an original ink-wash painting by Donald R. Johnson.
  • Techniques & Requirements.
    • The FŌTERA® process allows colors to be combined to create a gentle gradation of color and hue, without using the traditional brass or zinc edging outlining the color fields.
    • The colors were specially formulated according to the artist’s specifications, therefore every color formula is unique.
    • The panels were ground to a smooth finish and sealed to withstand an outdoor environment.
  • Stakeholders. State of Oklahoma, Oklahoma Historical Society, Oklahoma Art in Public Places Division
  • Testimonials. “CFL’s work epitomizes the “spirit” of public art. The most obvious evidence of its creative genius is the dynamic designs and use of color; typically CFL’s works surrounds the viewers, pulls them in, educates and edifies them.” Debby Williams, Director (Oklahoma Art in Public Places)