- I-35/Rock Creek Road Bridge -

I-35/Rock Creek Road Bridge

I-35/Rock Creek Road

  • Form Liner Type.  Custom
  • Additional Services. Decorative staining
  • Year of Completion. 2011
  • Project Impact. Rock Creek Road bridge at I-35 links west side with east in the City of Norman, providing motorists, pedestrians, and bicyclists a convenient and safe way to cross the highway. It alleviates traffic congestion at the I-35 interchanges. Rock Creek Road bridge is the most pedestrian-friendly structure in the city.
  • Features & Design Context.  The aesthetics for the Rock Creek Road Bridge were designed to illustrate the City of Norman’s active equestrian industry and the western trade of saddle making, an art form that has a fabled history in the city. Native American blanket designs are imprinted into the concrete surfaces of the slope walls and stained in various colors.
  • Techniques & Requirements.
    • Custom form liners were also used to create the weave pattern seen on the pier columns.
    • The elegant stamped concrete slope walls were achieved using Creative Form Liners’ custom urethane-rubber stamps.
    • Once stamped by the contractor and cured, the blanket designs were then stained by Creative Form Liners’ decorative staining experts to imitate the colors of a woven blanket and handcrafted leather.
    • All of the decorative concrete form liners that CFL made for this project are cast using reusable urethane, which enables the local Department of Transportation and the City to reuse them on different projects as they see fit.
  • Stakeholders. Oklahoma Department of Transportation, City of Norman (Oklahoma), Oklahoma Art in Public Places
  • Testimonials.
    • “CFL’s creativity flows from the information gathered into something tangible. Their craft is defined by “problem solving”, making many components and considerations fit into the given parameters (time, space and budget). To be able to work within those boundaries, and do it well, is a true talent” Debby Williams, Director (Oklahoma Art in Public Places)
    • “We have received many positive comments from the public concerning the decoration of our new bridge structures in the Oklahoma City area, and much if not all of that credit needs to be forwarded to CFL.” Gary Ridley, Secretary of Transportation (Oklahoma Department of Transportation).  
  • Media. Aspire Magazine, Project. (2013, October). Interstate 35 Corridor. Eight consecutive I-35 bridge designs showcase Oklahoma’s history [Press release]. Retrieved February 26, 2017, from http://aspirebridge.com/


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