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Roberts Road

Roberts Road Bridge

  • Project Impact. Roberts Road Bridge was condemned by  Caltrans because it was considered seismically unsafe. Residents demanded a new bridge be built(9). The project involved close coordination with the Town and the local community to achieve project acceptance(10).
  • Features & Design Context.  The bridge offers imagery that celebrates the local ecosystem, illustrating a creek scene featuring local flora and fauna of the Los Gatos Creek.
  • Techniques & Requirements.
    • Partnering with our sister company, aesthetic infrastructure design firm Creative Design Resolutions (CDR), to create the design for the pattern, we fabricated the custom architectural concrete form liners to perfectly mirror CDR’s aesthetic designs for the bridge wall elements.
    • Creative Form Liners helped the design firm achieve a modular custom form liner design, allowing the contractor to reconfigure the form liners on-site to cast two unique designs using some of the same form liners on all the abutment-wall forms.
    • Using a modular approach, Creative Form Liners and CDR helped the Town of Los Gatos cut costs by reducing the overall number of form liners required to cast the concrete design forms.
  • Stakeholders. City of Los Gatos, Caltrans
  • Testimonials.
    • “This is a bridge for the neighborhood. Work of art and a work of the heart. Joe Pirzynski, Los Gatos Mayor
    • “We took a lot of effort to give it a country look” Kevin Rohani , Town Engineer, and Project Manager
    • I think it’s a bridge we can all be proud of.  It’s exciting that this bridge exists again today. I know it’s safe and I know it’s beautiful.Anne Lamborn, Monroe Court resident
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