- Largo Sidewalk -

Largo Sidewalk

Largo Sidewalk Art

  • Location.  Largo, Maryland.
  • Type.  FŌTERA® full-color structural concrete
  • Year of Completion.  2005
  • Project Impact. The residents of Prince George’s County believe in the future of this county as the Washington’s region next great place into live, work and play. The Largo Town Center Metro Station is one of the county’s crown jewels when it comes to accessibility (by highway and transit) and as a potential anchor for a compact, walkable, transit oriented community.(22)
  • Features & Design Context. Incorporating mosaic, FŌTERA® full-color structural concrete, and engraved bricks, this three mile stretch of sidewalk connects the Largo Town Center and the Morgan Boulevard Metro station while adding color and interest to the urban landscape. Thirty FŌTERA® full-color structural concrete icons symbolic of Maryland are set into the sidewalk, with brick pavers engraved with poetry, quotations, and factual references spiraling out from each icon.
  • Techniques & Requirements.
    • The FŌTERA® process allows colors to be combined to create a gentle gradation of color and hue, without using the traditional brass or zinc edging outlining the color fields.
    • The colors were specially formulated according to the artist’s specifications, therefore every color formula is unique.
    • The panels were ground to a smooth finish and sealed to withstand an outdoor environment.
  • Stakeholders. Prince George’s County Department of Public Works