- La Cholla Boulevard Bridge -

La Cholla Boulevard Bridge

La Cholla Boulevard Bridge: Magee Road to Overton Road

  • Location. Tucson, Arizona
  • Form Liner Type. Custom
  • Year of Completion.  2014
  • Project Impact. This $28.3 million dollar Regional Transportation Authority project called for widening the road, creating bike paths, improving drainage and intersection improvement(3). The new bridge spans the Canada del Oro Wash, providing surrounding communities with easy ingress and egress even in flood season.
  • Features & Design Context. This five-time award-winning bridge includes decorative concrete wall forms and metal railing that transform the traditional straight edge of a parapet wall into an undulating shape that calls to mind the waters of the wash  that flow below this six-hundred-foot-long bridge.
  • Techniques & Requirements.
    • In addition to hand sculpting the intricate custom chollas  patterns, and from them fabricating the form liners used to cast this bridge's unique parapet design, CFL also made the templates used to sandblast the desert silver fox and wild grass designs into the sidewalk and vista areas.
    • Creative Form Liners worked with its sister company—aesthetic infrastructure design firm Creative Design Resolutions, Inc. (CDR)—to realize the aesthetics for this eye-catching bridge project.
    • CDR is known throughout the transportation industry as the premiere aesthetic-design firm that provides context sensitive, aesthetic design consulting services for transportation enhancements for all types of infrastructure projects.
  • Awards.
    • Southern Arizona Chapter of the American Public Works Association’s Project of the Year for Transportation under $20 million (2015)
    • International Partnering Institute’s John L. Martin Partnered Project of the Year Ruby Award (2015)
    • Arizona Department of Transportation’s 2014 Arizona Transportation Partnering Excellence Award (2014)
    • Arizona Association of General Contractor’s Build Arizona Award, in the Public New Highway Construction, projects over $10 million (2014)
    • Pima Association of Governments and the Regional Transportation Authority’s 2015 Timothy M. Ahrens Partnering Award (2015) 
  • Stakeholders. City of Tucson, Arizona, Pima County Department of Transportation, Tucson Pima Arts Council
  • Consulting Engineering Firm. URS,  Inc.
  • Aesthetic Infrastructure Design Firm. Creative Design Resolutions, Inc.
  • Contractor. Markham Contracting, Inc.
  • Testimonials.
    • “During the early planning and design phases of the project, CFL was careful to take into consideration the environmental and cultural aspects of the project setting. CFL showed ability to listen, understand, integrate and direct through the maze of public input.” Dean Papajohn P.E, Project Manager.
    • “The design for all the walls and the bridge is outstanding. I love the rail elements and the choice of colors. I do believe everyone on that team learned a lot about the value of art and the fact that artists can be extremely professional. Your walls are unique to any around the county and the community is so proud.“ Sally Krommes, Public Art Coordinator.
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