- Kellogg/Woodlawn Interchange/US 54 -

Kellogg/Woodlawn Interchange/US 54

US-54 Kellogg/Woodlawn Interchange

  • Location. Wichita, Kansas.
  • Form Liner Type. Custom
  • Year of Completion.  2010
  • Project Impact. The project included four cast-in-place retaining walls of variable lengths, ranging from 5,700 - 14,294 square feet.
  • Features & Design Context. The patterns spanning the retaining walls of the Kellogg/Woodlawn Interchange emulate Kansas’ vast agricultural landscapes, as seen from a birds-eye perspective.  The strong geometrical patterns capture the sun’s movement throughout the course of a day, providing visual interest for the commuters driving along the busy interstate.
  • Techniques & Requirements.
    • A high level of details is achieved on each panel, while maintaining a specified maximum two-inch relief.
    • All of the form liners were fabricated using high-quality elastomeric/urethane rubber with the ability to withstand over fifty uses.
    • Each form liner had to be held to a close dimensional tolerance to be able to align with its matching panel. The panel arrays were designed as a modular system arranged to form a unique pattern.
    • Each custom-designed form liner was hand-sculpted to the project’s exact specifications.
  • Stakeholders. Kansas Department of Transportation, City of Wichita