- Kellogg/Oliver Bridge -

Kellogg/Oliver Bridge

Kellogg/Oliver Interchange

  • Location.  Wichita, Kansas.
  • Form Liner Type. Custom, modular form liners
  • Additional Services. Shop drawings and maquettes of each form liner design
  • Year of Completion.  2004
  • Project Impact. An urban highway able to enhance the quality of life and character of a community without sacrificing safety and mobility.  According to the Wichita Area Chamber of Commerce, our workforce enjoys an average commute time of 18.7 minutes, which is one of the best in the nation(11).
  • Features & Design Context. “Time Passages” was selected as the aesthetic theme for the Kellogg/Oliver Interchange in Wichita, Kansas. The designs include quotations regarding the passage of time, monumental Roman clocks, a 25′ vertical working sundial, and enormous leaves that appear to be scattered by the wind and passing vehicles, serving as a pleasant reminder to the commuters driving under the bridge that “The Journey is the Reward”.
  • Techniques & Requirements.
    • These custom-designed decorative concrete forms are created using normal construction methods.
    • The form liners for this project and every project undergo very strenuous quality-control guidelines to guaranty the production of the highest-quality product on the market.
  • Stakeholders. Kansas Department of Transportation, City of Wichita, Wichita Art Council
  • Testimonials.
    • The project includes the famous sundial bas-relief, a timeless representation of the city, its people and significance in the history of Kansas. This piece is one of the nation’s best and most frequently cited examples of the incorporation of public art into a highway corridor. The art has a scale and character appropriate to a freeway condition. The art also provides a great example of “low cost-high impact” design that utilizes the economy of form liners while providing a quality art piece.” Douglas Mann, ASLA, HTNB Corp(12).
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