- Great Map of Colorado -

Great Map of Colorado

The Great Map of Colorado, History Colorado Center

  • Location.  Denver, Colorado.
  • Type. FŌTERA® full-color epoxy resin precast panels
  • Year of Completion.  2012
  • Project Impact. History Colorado Center has cared for the historic treasures of the state for more than 130 years and has directed over a quarter of a billion dollars in grants for statewide preservation and education to all regions of the state. History Colorado exerts a significant economic, cultural and civic impact and continues as a vital entity to the progress and development of Colorado(17).
  • Features & Design Context.  This one-of-a-kind FŌTERA® resinous terrazzo installation covers the entire entry floor of the Great Hall of the new History Colorado Center, creating a 2,183 sq. ft. topographical map of the State of Colorado as seen from outer space. The installation is comprised of 234 individual terrazzo panels installed within an existing finite recessed area. With a  four-month production deadline, we successfully completed the massive production in time and in budget.
  • Techniques & Requirements.
    • Despite the project’s shortened deadline, no quality control was compromised. The colors for each panel registered seamlessly from panel to panel and the registration was within 5/1000 of an inch.
  • Stakeholders. State of Colorado, Colorado Council on Creative Industries, History of Colorado Center,
  • Testimonials. “”The Great Map of Colorado” adds soul to the heart of the atrium, our State’s new Gathering Place. It has quickly become the crowning achievement of the entire architectural composition. We are deeply grateful for your timeless creation, conceived for the State of Colorado to inspire all for generations to come.” David Tryba, FAIA. Tryba Architects
  • Media.The Denver Post, Entertainment. (2012, April 19). Colorado history museum lures visitors with new insights and interactive, fun activities [Press release]. Retrieved February 26, 2017, from http://www.denverpost.com