- Cornerstone of History -

Cornerstone of History

Cornerstones of History

  • Location.  Washington, DC.
  • Type.  FŌTERA® full-color structural concrete precast panels
  • Year of Completion.  2013
  • Project Impact.. H Street has returned to its roots as a thriving, commercial hub, and is home to a diverse, cohesive community. A revitalized visual and performing arts scene, hipster bars, music venues, and a boom of high-end condos and apartments are quickly reshaping the historic corridor, bringing new opportunities for residents, consumers and business owners(21).
  • Features & Design Context. As commuters approach the H Street intersection, they catch a glimpse of vibrantly colored sections of this curved mural honoring Duke Ellington, Bessie Smith, Martin Luther King, Jr., and Rosa Parks, figures who were crucial in shaping the culture of the nation and the neighborhood. When the water feature is activated, the flowing movement imbues this historical mural with a sense of constant change and renewal.
  • Techniques & Requirements.
    • The FŌTERA® process allows colors to be combined to create a gentle gradation of color and hue, without using the traditional brass or zinc edging outlining the color fields.
    • The colors were specially formulated according to the artist’s specifications, therefore every color formula is unique.
    • The panels were ground to a smooth finish and sealed to withstand an outdoor environment.
  • Stakeholders. DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities, District of  Columbia Department of Transportation
  • Media.
    • The Washington Press Release, Arts & Entertainment. (2013, August 6). Frederick Douglas Sculptors Mural and Fountain Dedicated in New H Street NE Corridor [Press release]. Retrieved February 26, 2017, from http://washingtonpressrelease.com