- I-35/SH-9 East Bridge -

I-35/SH-9E Bridge

  • Location.  Norman, Oklahoma.
  • Form Liner Type.  Custom
  • Additional Services: Decorative staining
  • Year of Completion.  2016
  • Project Impact. The roadway has become a landmark of style and design nationwide. The city of Norman desired to  provide additional capacity for traffic without sacrificing too much of the remaining natural environment,  encourage safety along this highway corridor by introducing additional pedestrian amenities, and promote community identity through the implementation of aesthetics for a series of transportation enhancements.
  • Features & Design Context. The concrete form liners created to realize this elegant Art Deco design scheme have a pattern that evokes the water elements around the Thunderbird Lake area.  The crisscross concrete pattern in the pier columns represents an abstract Thunderbird in flight, transforming an ashlar stone pattern into a monumental context-sensitive solution.
  • Techniques & Requirements.
    • A combination of ashlar stone patterns and custom concrete form liners were used for this combination of decorative concrete forms, which are quickly becoming a necessary part of all highway and bridge projects in America.
  • Stakeholders. Oklahoma Art in Public Places, Oklahoma Department of Transportation, City of Norman
  • Testimonials.
    • CFL’s work depicts a community’s story. I have worked with CFL in a sensitive situation where many voices had to be heard, respected and somehow united in a work of art reflecting their collective history. CFL’s team truly a master the art of listening to people and assimilating their individual interests unto a unified picture.” Debby Williams, Director (Oklahoma Art in Public Places)
    • “I thank Creative Form Liners Inc. for being a true partner with OOOT to meet the challenge of designing, building, and maintaining a transportation system that all Oklahomans can be proud of.” Gary Ridley, Secretary of Transportation (Oklahoma Department of Transportation).  
  • Media.
    • Aspire Magazine, Project. (2013, October). Interstate 35 Corridor. Eight consecutive I-35 bridge designs showcase Oklahoma’s history [Press release]. Retrieved February 26, 2017, from http://aspirebridge.com/
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