- 193rd Street East -

193rd Street East

193rd East Street and US-412/I-44 Interchange

  • Location.  Tulsa, Oklahoma.
  • Form Liner Type. Custom
  • Additional Services. Shop drawings
  • Year of Completion.  2009
  • Project Impact.  On the highway side of the MSE wall leading up to the bridge, Creative Form Liners fabricated the custom block-weave pattern and form liners that create a basket as commuters drive along US-412.
  • Features & Design Context. On the golf course side of the MSE wall, custom serpentine curvilinear pattern and concrete form liners offer a visual reference to Cherokee history and culture with designs evoking traditional pottery.
  • Techniques & Requirements.
    • Initially, each clay pattern was hand-sculpted by Creative Form Liners’ team of skilled craftsmen.
    • From the patterns, the form liners were fabricated using high-quality elastomeric/urethane rubber capable of reproducing the fine detail present in the final built cast-in-place walls.
  • Stakeholders. Oklahoma Art in Public Places, Oklahoma Department of Transportation, The Cherokee Nation, City of Tulsa
  • Testimonials.
    • “CFL’s creativity flows from the information gathered into something tangible. Their craft is defined by “problem-solving”, making many components and considerations fit into the given parameters (time, space and budget). To be able to work within those boundaries, and do it well, is a true talent” Debby Williams, Director (Oklahoma Art in Public Places)
    • “CFL has provided OOOT with initial design concepts, helped us through the community involvement process, worked closely with our highway contractors, and provided us with a high-quality product in a timely manner that adds value to the end product that can't be achieved in any other way.” Gary Ridley, Secretary of Transportation (Oklahoma Department of Transportation).  
    • “CFL showed proficiency in dealing with government and community agencies to gain an understanding of the goals each had in mind for this particular project”. Randle White, PE. Division Engineer (Oklahoma Department of Transportation).