- Be thinking about how to use the Giant Map at Colorado’s History Museum -

The History Colorado Center will open to the public on Saturday, April 28, 2012. Thanks to Director of Education, JJ Rutherford, several Colorado Geographic Alliance members have had a chance to investigate the building as it is being readied for visitors. Museum curators have developed several exhibits that address the varied cultural and physical geography of Colorado.

Children and adults alike will be impressed by the Great Map of Colorado and its accompanying Time Machine: This 40-by60-foot terrazzo tile map of Colorado imbedded into the floor of the museum’s atrium is part of Colorado’s Art in Public Places program, which integrates the art experience into the built environment and civic spaces. The map was created by nationally acclaimed artist Steven Weitzman and serves as both a work of art and an interpretive experience. Visitors are invited to wander across the map and explore this artistic rendition of Colorado’s unique topography. The map comes to life with History Colorado’s “Time Machine,” where visitors push an H.G. Wells-inspired, steampunk-like device over the map to hit hot spots that treat them to video stories from the region. Time Machine stories explore serious subjects ranging from the 1914 Ludlow Massacre and the Cheyenne Dog Soldiers to humorous tales of the Colorado/Texas Tomato Wars of the 1980s.

The Colorado Geographic Alliance is interested in hearing your ideas about using this map with your students when touring Denver. Send ideas to coga@uccs.edu and we will work with History Colorado on the project.

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