- Southwest Light Rail Transit Pier Project -

As part of Minnesota’s new 1.858-billion-dollar light rail project, Creative Form Liners, Inc. shows their unique expertise by producing two stunning hand sculpted custom nature pier patterns for the City of Eden Prairie, MN.

Designed by nationally-acclaimed artist Steven Weitzman of Weitzman Studios, Inc., one design depicts the state’s flower, the Cypripedium Reginae or Lady’s Slippers, in its natural environment with the states’ butterfly, the monarch, fluttering above.

The other pattern shows wood ducks, common to the area, in three scenes, landing, swimming, and soaring above in the sky. With the insertion or the removal of a water, floral, or blank panel(s), these modular designs will accommodate each pier and its specific height.

The form liners were made with the highest standards, using high-quality, reusable urethane rubber, which will allow up to +/-50 casts. The maximum relief is +/- 2”.