- I-35/I-240 Crossroads Interchange -

For the I-35/I-240 Crossroads Interchange in Oklahoma City, the Oklahoma Department of Transportation (“ODOT”) chose Creative Form Liners, Inc.’s proprietary, off-the-shelf block pattern, CFL-AR012, to cover a total of 3,000 feet of MSE retaining walls. In addition to this block pattern, the DOT is also re-using and re-purposing CFL’s form liners made for the Land Run Medallion for the Main Street Bridge (hyperlink) in Norman, Oklahoma.

The 5 x 5 feet panels will be placed at 95 feet intervals along the wall between the block pattern. The aesthetic infrastructure design firm, Creative Design Resolutions Inc, created the design for this stretch of wall in the capitol city.  The form liners were made with the highest standards, using high-quality, reusable urethane rubber, which will allow up to +/-50 casts. The maximum relief is +/- 2”.